Art Brut: Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too

Year: 2019

Role: Mr Brilliant

Director: Ben Pollard (Alcopop Records!)

Ageing SuperHero Mr. Brilliant (Tony Slattery) teams up with long-time evil nemesis Professor Unpleasant (Eddie Argos) to kidnap and terrorise the new caped wonder-kid Captain Fantastic (Michael Legge), but will old habits die hard?

Lady Godiva:
Back in the Saddle

Year: 2007

Role: Tom O'Driscoll

Director: Baz Taylor (Koralis Pictures)

Las Vegas mobster Ray Carlton (Nick Holder) has plans to build a super casino in Coventry, and a bushel of dirt on Mayor Osbourne (Phil Cornwell) looks likely to fast-track his plan to destroy a site of historic interest as a result. The Mayor's ex-wife, Catherine (Caroline Harker), resurrects the spirit of local heroine Lady Godiva (Faye Tozer) to stop him.

The Rocky Horror Tribute Show

Year: 2006

Role: Narrator

Director: Robin Lough (Rocky Horror Company)

A spirited film record of the Royal Court Theatre production in aid of Amnesty International, with host and creator Richard O'Brien joined by Adrian Edmondson and Sophie Lawrence as Brad and Janet, Michael Ball as the outrageous Dr. Frank N. Furter, and original cast members Nell Campbell and Patricia Quinn.


Year: 2006

Role: Flash Referee

Director: Mel Smith

Uncouth but brilliant bowls player Cliff Starkey (Paul Kaye) takes the sleepy club in Torquay by storm, alienating everybody including his long-suffering best mate Trevor (Johnny Vegas) and girlfriend Kerry (Alice Evans), as his American agent Rick (Vince Vaughn) allows nothing to stand in the way of getting his client to the big time.

The Wedding Tackle

Year: 2000

Role: Little Ted

Director: Rami Dvirh

Carefree and highly-sexed photographer Hal (James Purefoy) is getting cold feet about his imminent marriage to Vinni (Susan Vidler). Vinni's ex-boyfriend, frustrated cartoonist Little Ted (Tony Slattery), also wants to disrupt the pending nuptials.They both independently enlist the help of swimming coach Mr. Mac (Adrian Dunbar); a call that will make Hal's Stag Party an unforgettable event.


Year: 1998

Role: Reg Welch

Director: John Godber (Entertainment Film Distributors)

Based on John Godber's award-winning stage play, a hopeless rugby team from the Wheatsheaf Arms public house takes on Hazel (Samantha Janus) as coach. Arthur (Gary Olsen), an ex-professional player, is obsessed with rugby league, risking his family life on a bet that the team will triumph in an up-coming knock-out competition.


Year: 1994

Role: Terry

Director: Peter Mackenzie Litten

Mark (Ian Williams) is in his twenties, a romantic drag artiste, death-obsessed, and HIV positive. His emotionally stunted partner Simon (Thomas Arklie) is far less committed to the relationship and wants to experiment with sleeping with other men. When Mark dies, his spirit returns to haunt his ex-partner, with hilarious and poignant results.

Carry On Columbus

Year: 1992

Role: Baba

Director: Gerald Thomas (Island World)

Flamboyant map-maker Christopher Columbus (Jim Dale) and befuddled navigator Mordecai Mendoza (Bernard Cribbins) curry favour with the King and Queen of Spain (Leslie Phillips and June Whitfield) by attempting to discover a sea route to the Far East. They end up discovering America!


Year: 1992

Role: Brian

Director: Kenneth Branagh (Channel Four Films)

Ten years after performing together at Cambridge University, a group of old friends reunite for a weekend in the country mansion of one of their number, Peter (Stephen Fry). Plagued with addiction, lost, and missed opportunities, the gang laugh, cry, and reminiscence while Peter nurses a dark secret.


Year: 1992

Role: Deveroux

Director: Neil Jordan (Palace Pictures)

Irish Republican Army volunteer Fergus (Stephen Rea), with his unit under the leadership of Maguire (Adrian Dunbar), kidnaps a black British soldier, Jody (Forest Whitaker). The IRA demand the release of imprisoned members of their group, threatening to execute Jody in three days if their demands are not met, but Fergus and Jody form a bond. An ill-fated bond that leads to Fergus establishing a relationship with Dil (Jaye Davidson).

How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Year: 1989

Role: Basil

Director: Bruce Robinson (HandMade Films)

Denis Dimbleby Bagley (Richard E. Grant) is an advertising executive on the verge of a mental breakdown. Giving the job of selling a new pimple cream by his boss John Bristol (Richard Wilson), Bagley's heightening mania causes a boil (voiced by Bruce Robinson) whose cynical debunking of the advertising industry literally takes control of his life and career.

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