Tony's television work spans some forty years. Understandably, then, this section of the website is somewhat extensive!


His vast career has been painstakingly researched and catalogued, and this page is regularly being updated with his extremely long list of impressive appearances. 


Hosted by Andrew Neil.

Did Losing the plot eventually help Tony Slattery?

Recalling his downfall into drink and drugs, and the lack of a Daily Politics mug, Tony talked politics and humour.

Interviewee: BBC1, 9 May 2019


Hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. ITV1

In the wake of his Guardian interview with Hadley Freeman, Tony detailed his harrowing battle with addition and bipolar disorder, in his first television interview in fifteen years.

Interviewee: ITV, 2 May 2019.

Interviewee: ITV, 2005.


Player: Whose Line is it Anyway? (with Josie Lawrence, and Clive Anderson in the chair)

A Comic Relief special with David Walliams spending a full-on day playing a selection of beloved game shows and panel games from television's past, including everything from Give Us A Clue to Mock the Week. A condensed hour long Best of..., featuring a clip from the Whose Line is it Anyway? session was also broadcast.

BBC1, 13 March 2011


Narrated by Alison Steadman

Interviewee (with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, and Jo Brand, Jack Dee, Charlie Higson, Jools Holland, John Lloyd, Jon Plowman, Caroline Quentin, Daniel Radcliffe, Jan Ravens, Phil Taylor, Emma Thompson, and Paul Whitehouse).

Executive producer: Ricky Kelehar. Produced and directed by Mike Reilly.

BBC1, 24 November 2010.

2007 - 2008

Role: Sidney Snell

Peter Kingdom (Stephen Fry) runs his legal practice in the idyll East Anglian town of Market Shipborough, aided and abetted by his secretary Gloria Millington (Celia Imrie), and Lyle Andeson (Karl Davies), a trainee from London. Kingdom's professional exploits are continually interrupted by the scruffy, work shy Sidney Snell (Tony Slattery) and his one-man battle with the local authorities.


episode 1. 8 April 2007.

As well as a case concerning the death of glamorous Sheila Larsen (Lynsey de Paul), Kingdom contends with the disappearance of his scallywag younger brother Simon (Dominic Mafham), and the appearance of his unstable sister Beatrice (Hermione Norris).

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Robin Sheppard)

episode 2. 15 April 2007.

Peter takes on an Estinian woman, Aeste (Katrine De Candole), who is claiming a local farmer has kidnapped her child. Lyle is entered for the annual dyke-leaping contest.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Robin Sheppard)

episode 3. 22 April 2007.

An exploding boat of local father and son fishermen takes up much of Peter's time, while a disgruntled Sidney reveals the local council are harassing him to abandon his complaint against them.

(Writer: Jeff Povey. Director: Metin Huseyin)

episode 4. 29 April 2007.

When Laura Forshaw (Hannah Field) is refused a place at Cambridge, her parents Daniel and Angela (Daniel Ryan and Clara Salaman) take on Peter to look in to the case. Sidney is preoccupied with a cunning plan to stop a gas company building on invaluable grazing land.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Metin Huseyin)

episode 5. 6 May 2007.

Beatrice takes over the running of Kingdom's office, even resorting to asking Sidney to help out. With the expected disastrous results.

(Writer: Jeff Povey. Director: Sandy Johnson)

episode 6. 13 May 2007.

Peter helps an elderly Polish man, John Narbutowicz (Joss Ackland), who is threatened with eviction. He gives the case to Lyle, while Peter embraces the local church fete and judges the rudest shaped vegetable competition.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Sandy Johnson)


episode 1. 13 January 2008.

With his infant nephew in tow, Kingdom assists the Womens' Institute in preventing the closure of the lighthouse while juggling the mounting feud between two sibling snack bar owners. Meanwhile Sidney is wandering round the place wearing antlers, in preparation for Pagan jollification.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Andrew Grieve)

episode 2. 20 January 2008.

While the re-appearance of Peter's brother, Simon, puts the cat amongst the pigeons, Peter's professional time is taken up with a dispute at the retirement home where his Aunt Auriel (Phyllida Law) resides.

(Writer: John Moloney. Director: Andrew Grieve)

episode 3. 27 January 2008.

Simon is arrested, although Peter doesn't feel he can act as his representative. Meanwhile, Sidney stages a sit-in in protest over a planned jet runway being built near his house. Gloria provides refreshment and a romance blossoms.

(Writer: Jeff Povey. Director: Andrew Grieve)

episode 4. 3 February 2008.

Simon is released on bail but is refused permission to re-join the legal firm. Lyle takes on the case of Henny Leach (Miriam Margolyes) who claims victimisation by the local council.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Edward Hall)

episode 5. 10 February 2008.

Peter is in Cambridge, assisting Professor Barkway (Richard Wilson), so Lyle is left in charge of the office and the cat of Mrs. Compton (Marcia Warren). Sidney and Gloria are away on holiday, although trouble is never far away when Scott (Angus Imrie) sets up a free will-making service.

(Writer: Guy Burt. Director: Edward Hall)

episode 6. 17 February 2008.

Beatrice returns to the village. Simon's trial is imminent. And Lyle makes his stage debut in a water-logged production at the retirement home.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Edward Hall)


episode 1. 10 April 2009.

Peter assists Tony Gillespie (Obi Abili), a Soldier who lost a leg in Iraq, while Lyle takes on Tony's girlfriend, Kate (Sophie Winkleman), who has accused his regiment of sexual discrimination for refusing to enlist her.

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Metin Huseyin)

episode 2. 17 April 2009.

Farmer Geraldine Merrick (Sandi Toksvig) puts crop circles down to an act of vandalism, while widowed UFO expert Terry (Neil Dudgeon) is convinced the village has been visited by aliens. Soon the place is over-run with science fiction fans with money to burn.

(Writer: Guy Burt. Director: Metin Huseyin)

episode 3. 24 April 2009.

Doctor Nicky Laker (Jaye Griffiths), who uses animals in a research laboratory, asks for Peter's help in the case of her daughter, Donna (Larissa Wilson), who has vandalised the unit and lost her mother her job.

(Writer: Jeff Povey. Director: Metin Huseyin)

episode 4. 1 May 2009.

Judge Jeremy Harding (Timothy Bentinck) is sent compromising photographs and enlists Peter'/ help to uncover the blackmailer. Meanwhile Lyle gets wrapped up with Stan Geddick (Richard Bremmer) and the local Druids who believe the golf club is the site of an ancient place of worship.

(Writer: Guy Burt. Director Edward Hall)

episode 5. 8 May 2009.

Peter helps Andrew Risden (Tom Beard) who has been refused permission to video the cello recital of his daughter Abigail (Rozzie Curlett) for fear of attracting paedophiles. And Sidney gets married!

(Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Edward Hall)

episode 6. 15 May 2009.

Peter is discharged from hospital and is employed by David Morston (Tobias Menzies), distraught at his older brother Lord Robert (Nicholas Rowe) and his plans to sell off chunks of the family estate.

Writer: Alan Whiting. Director: Edward Hall)

Created by Simon Wheeler and Alan Whiting. ITV1.

"Kingdom was the most wonderful show. A joy to be working so closely with Stephen again. We had a shorthand in acting together, and we had a lot of laughs on location. And, what a location. The sheer beauty of Swaffham, in Norfolk. Breath-taking. It was perfect Sunday evening entertainment. Cost a fortune though. I feel we could have gone on with it for years. A happy memory."


Narrated by James Nesbitt

Show 1: 'Coronation Street' to 'Kingdom'.

Interviewee on both bridging dramas 'Coronation Street' and 'Kingdom' (with Peter Davison, Neil Fitzmaurice, Yvonne Francas, Julie Graham, Robson Green, Val McDermid, Kym Marsh, Kay Mellor, William Roache, John Thomson, Sarah Smart, and Richard Wood).

Documentary series celebrating ITV's best-loved television dramas. This episode looks at 'Coronation Street', 'Wire in the Blood', 'Fat Friends', 'At Home with the Braithwaites', 'Mobile', and 'Kingdom'. ITV3, 2 July 2008


Role: Canon of Birkley

Series two, episode 1.

Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong) is determined to obtain the Great Pact of Nottingham, irrefutable proof of the treason of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen). Still an encounter with the lovesick John of York (John Hopkins) sidetrack the outlaws on a mission to rescue a damsel in distress.

Created by Dominic Minghella and Fox Allan. Writer: Julian Jones. Director: James Erskine.

BBC1, 17 November 2007.


Role: Dr. Callum Malloy

The relationship of D.S. Eve Granger (Jemma Redgrave) and D.S. Jake Osbourne (John Hannah) is out under jeopardy when their investigation turns to an Amey corporal shot dead during an exercise using no love ammunition. D.C. Hazel Norton (Pauline Quirke) and D.C. Ajay Roychowdury (Ace Bhatti) are also on the case, aided and abetted by a cynical and self-importance pathologist Dr. Callum Malloy (Tony Slattery)

Writer: Tom Needham. Director: Suri Krishnamma.

ITV1, 27 June 2007.


Role: Gordon Brown

The ins and outs of the inner circle of the Labour Party with Tracey Temple (Maxine Peake) keeping the professional diary and personal life of John Prescott (John Henshaw) in anything but order. Feuding interlocking Prime Ministers Tony Blair (Damian Lewis) and Gordon Brown (Tony Slattery) stir the political cauldron.

Written by Tony Basgallop. Director: Andy Wilson.

ITV1, 28 February 2007.


Presented by Stephen Fry.

Interviewee (with Andy Behrman, Jo Brand, Jo Crocker, Richard Dreyfuss, Carrie Fisher, Griff Rhys Jones, Rick Stein, and Robbie Williams).

Emmy Award-winning documentary exploring the little discussed or understood disease of Bipolar. In an emotional journey of discovery Stephen Fry sees how the condition can affect people at home and at work, talks with doctors studying bipolarity, and engages in frank and candid conversation with fellow celebrity sufferers including Robbie Williams, Carrie Fisher and his Cambridge Footlights friend and colleague Tony Slattery.

Produced & directed by Ross Wilson.

BBC2, 19 September 2006.


Role: Dr. Harr.

Series 1, episode 5.

Charlie Darling (John Thomson) and Jack Roper (John Hannah) represent two police officers accused of torturing a suspect, while Joe Stevens (Lee Williams) takes on the case of a patient seeking release from a psychiatric unit.

Written by G.F. Newman. Director: David Skynner. BBC1, 1 June 2006.


Role: Phil Granger

Series 5, episode 11.

Popular drama series set in a hospital in the 1960s: Doctor Jeff Goodwin (Paul Fox) decides to leave the Royal to serve in Biafra, while in-patients include the elderly Alf Wilkinson (Bernard Gallagher), brought in by Ken Hopkirk (Michael Starke) after he nearly runs him over, and chip shop owner Phil Granger (Tony Slattery) who is suspected of starting his own fire to claim on the insurance.

ITV1, 21 May 2006


Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer

More over-forty year old celebrities pontificate about the little things in life that really get on their nerves.

Series 3

Show 1: Those Were the Days. 14 April 2006

Show 2: Everywhere You Look. 21 April 2006

Show 4: This is the Price We Pay. 5 May 2006

Interviewee (with Nigel Havers, Des Lynam, Rory McGrath, John O'Farrell, Tim Rice, Gerry Robinson, Will Self, Arthur Smith, John Stapleton, Rick Wakeman, and Don Warrington.

Associate Producer: Marina Fonseca. Director: Stuart Prebble. BBC2.


Presented by Cat Deeley.

Contestant: Performing Carnival of Love as Paul Heaton.

ITV1, 2006.


he second 'Audience with...' outing for the brilliantly blunt American comedian.

Audience member.

ITV1, 14 January 2006.


Role: Sebastian Partridge

Tracy Pringle (Martine McCutcheon) becomes one of three wives of wealthy Persian restaurateur Saaman Sahar (Art Malik), much to the disgust of her parents and her racist ex-boyfriend.

Writer: Anthony McCarten. Producer: Ann Wingate. Director: Robin Sheppard.

Feelgood Fiction for ITV1, 27 December 2005


Role: Eric Talford

Episode 6183: 12 December 2005.

Eric Talford (Tony Slattey) invites Carol Baldwin (Lynne Pearson) to the swanky Clocks restaurant but the date proves a disaster as he is more interested in looking at his estranged wife (Maria Gough) and her latest squeeze on an opposite table.

Writer: Catherine Hayes. Director: David Kester.

Episode 6185: 16 December 2005.

Gail Platt (Helen Worth) discovers son David (Jack P. Shepherd) has been bunking off from school, while Kelly Crabtree (Tupele Dorgu) celebrates an unexpected windfall. Eric apologises to Carol about their date, and she agrees to carry on working at the bookies.

Writer: David Lane. Director: David Kester.

Episode 6188: 19 December 2005.

Seeing them sharing a joke on the sofa and, later, a few drinks in the Rover's Return, Carol begins to suspect something is going on between Frankie Baldwin (Debra Stephenson) and Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill), so she tells Eric that they can spend Christmas together after all.

Writer: Jan McVerry. Director: John Anderson.

Episode 6191: Christmas Day 2005.

With Carol's alcoholism reaching boiling point couple with the ever-fading memory of her Dad Mike (Johnny Briggs), Eric finds Christmas with the Baldwins is far from peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

Writer: Joe Turner. Director: John Anderson.

Episode 6231: 19 February 2006.

Eric reports water gushing through the roof of the bookies but when Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) and Jack Duckworth (William Tarmey) force the door their discover the hidden cannabis farm. Eric drowns his sorrows in the Rovers.

Writer: Jan McVerry. Director: Tom Poole.

"It was such a thrill to join the cast of Coronation Street and walk on those famous cobbles. My character of Eric the bookie was brought in to be the love interest for Carol Baldwin. It all started with a disastrous first date and we had a proper explosive soap opera Christmas, but then Lynne's contract ended and there was nowhere for my character to go without her. It was a real shame. I loved being in the Rover's Return."

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